The Stelter Company

Immediate growth with SmartQ workflows

The Stelter Company, an organization devoted to helping non-profits mobilize giving through direct-mail and data-driven initiatives, saw growth stagnate due to equipment and vendor limitations.

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  • Direct Mail
  • Variable Data

Technology-driven workflows


Without significant infrastructure changes, The Stelter Company was unable to pursue a larger, more technically sophisticated clients. They faced limitations in what they could offer their clients regarding size, die cutting, ink selection, variable data, customization, and configuration.


The key to success for Stelter was transforming their processes and workflows with the SmartQ platform. Their growth strategy required equipment that was more sophisticated, along with technology-driven workflows and training their staff to execute a sales and marketing upmarket growth strategy into a national client base.

According to Stelter, “This new partnership has allowed for better project scoping, multi-tiered product solutions, and new, innovative ways to produce materials. Additionally, we are able to offer greater flexibility in color, paper, envelopes and finishes on a wider range of papers sizes for both offset and digital.”

A holistic approach

Bolger presented a solution that enabled higher quality printing, larger quantity projects, complicated variable data personalization capability, company certifications, quality controls, and dedicated support teams to build cross-company teamwork.

The collaboration of Bolger’s team and Stelter’s staff included sales training, product training, technology & software tools, and process improvement teams to streamline workflows

The Results

Stelter was able to immediately see dividends in the new partnerships and sales strategies. These improvements allowed them to present complete end-to-end production capabilities, quality controls, and meet high environmental standards.

“It’s been a great new partnership for us,” said Zach, Stelter’s Creative Director & Director of Marketing. “Working with Bolger has allowed our teams to do things we had never been able to do or offer before. Both their digital and offset teams are top notch and push us to think about things differently – which is truly appreciated!”

We’ve seen a significant year over year increase in the number of revenue customers for print – a 19% improvement. In addition, our closed Won and Renewal grew 7%.

ZachCreative Director & Director of Marketing

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