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The Postal Regulatory Commission announced a discount for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). The US Postal Service will discount all EDDM mailings by 10% from August 1 to September 30, 2020. EDDM is a saturation mailing method that allows mailers to designate delivery of identical, non-addressed marketing mail to all the residential or business addresses within a certain geographic area. The rates will be automatically adjusted for qualified mailings. Mailers need not register for this discount in advance. Here’s more information about Every Door Direct Mail.


It is full-on summer vacation, but now is the time to schedule holiday direct mail campaigns. To help assure profitable fall and winter marketing mailings, the Postal Service has pitched in with extra incentives for mail that meets specific creative criteria. This is a terrific way to nudge customers into technology and design approaches that will improve response and conversion.

The “Why:”

Government agencies are typically not in the habit of handing out discounts to anyone on anything. Postal promotions designed to integrate direct mail into multi-media, multi-platform marketing campaigns are the exception. The USPS postal promotion program engages digitally-focused marketers that have underused direct mail. Once executed, the postal service believes marketers will enjoy the tactile, visual appeal, and permanence of direct mail, making it a part of their future advertising campaigns.

The USPS offered six promotions during 2020, however some have expired. The remaining promotions have specific dates when the postal service accepts applications and date ranges when mailings must drop. Refer to or call the mailing experts at Bolger Printing for details. As always, the sooner the better, as design revisions are often needed to meet postal requirements. Make note that while some programs are available for both First Class and Marketing Mail, others are specific to a class of mail.

Remaining Promotions and Incentives for 2020:

Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion

Transpromo is a great way to sell a new product while customers pay an invoice for a previous purchase. The best news is that no extra postage is required and the promotional discount is on top of any presort or automation discount the mail normally earns. This promotion applies to First Class mail only. The registration period is open until December 31, with the mail dropping July 1 through December 31.

First-Class mail’s value escalates as mailers accompany transactional pieces with personalized content printed in color. The intent is to increase response from current customers, typically the best source for new business. This promotion is for First Class presort and automated letters, bills, and statements that meet dynamic print production requirements. Meet the specifications for this promotion and take advantage of an upfront 2% postage discount.

Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion

This promotion applies to both First Class and Marketing Mail. Registration is open until August 31 with the mail dropping by August 31. This program promotes direct mail using technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, Near Field Communications (NFC), and Video in Print (ViP). The promotion also includes integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, and other digital to direct mail connections.

Some of these technologies have been available for years in other industries, but technology evolution has made them affordable for direct mail applications. This promotion also offers an upfront 2% postage discount and is available for First Class and Marketing Mail (including non-profit) letters and flats.

Mobile Shopping Promotion

This promotion encourages mailers to integrate direct mail with mobile technologies, providing a compelling online shopping experience during the holiday season. The registration period is open through December 31 with mail dropping between August 1 and December 31. Several new mobile barcode formats qualify, as well as traditional QR Codes, common for shopping and purchasing. Additional formats that qualify for the promotion include Snap Tags, Watermarks, Voice QR codes, Twitter QR Codes, Amazon Smile Codes, and more.

The barcode must direct the customer to a mobile optimized shopping website where they can easily buy the advertised product. Mailers will take advantage of an upfront 2% postage discount. It is available for Marketing Mail letters and flats only.

Informed Delivery Promotion

Informed Delivery has been a popular program for the USPS. To inspire new adopters, they are offering a promotion for First Class and Marketing Mail. This is the second year the USPS has offered this promotion, encouraging business mailers to launch an Informed Delivery campaign. Mailers enjoy a 2% upfront postage discount and registration is open July 15 through November 30. The promotion runs from September 1 to November 30.

Qualifying classes include regular and non-profit Marketing Mail letters and flats and First Class presort or automation postcards, letters, and flats. Informed Delivery is an excellent way to connect digital and physical mediums and enhance the value of direct mail. The USPS wants to encourage adoption by offering a substantial postage discount.

For more details about the Informed Delivery program, read “Extra Impressions of Your Message (for free)” in the Bolger Printing Blog.

USPS promotional programs not only increase profit margins, they introduce mailers to new, technology-driven strategies that complement email and social media campaigns.


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