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We installed an amazing new printing press! The new KBA Rapida 105 six-color press with UV and full automation. Whether you are looking for UV or conventional print, this press can support all of your printing needs from 50# coated text to 48 point board. This press pushes out 16,000 large press sheets an hour. It cuts makeready times in half and adds significant capacity and increases efficiency across the board.

Let’s get technical. This 40” six-color press has a comprehensive kit of fully automated technology. In our effort to maximize drying time, we had the new Rapida 105 equipped with the popular KBA VariDry system. Bindery can now start working on the press sheets as soon as they’re off press. We also included the KBA CleanTronic system, which makes makeready & wash up a lot faster. To keep color consistency, we added the KBA ErgoTronic ColorDrive automatic color measuring system and automatic camera register ACR measuring system.

Bolger is focused on creating innovative product solutions that unify the power of print and digital communication. We create beautifully printed products using offset and digital capabilities. We develop customized digital platforms (SmartQ®) for marketing automation, multi-channel marketing and asset management. We direct mail to both your inbox and mailbox. We manage and fulfill client inventory programs.

We are committed to ensuring our clients success by producing, managing and fulfilling their printed and digital communication needs.

If you’re in Minneapolis, we invite you to come see it in action. Contact us to schedule a pressroom visit.


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