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Automation Reduced Costs By 50%

This family of healthcare companies serves 1.25 million members and provides care to more than 500,000 patients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, their existing infrastructure could not support their growing members.

  • SmartQ Workflow
  • Print on Demand
  • Fulfillment

Print on Demand Means Faster Delivery of Health Plan Information


With a growing number of groups and sub plans, HealthPartner’s internal process for creating customized open enrollment materials was becoming difficult without adding significant costs. The legacy workflow was also causing impacting the sales cycle.


To reduce the cost and time associated to producing and managing health plan information packets while providing a more member friendly, custom presentation of options available.

We created everything individually, from content to design. We printed and stored hundreds of thousands of pages for our clients. When there were changes, much of it had to be discarded.

KellyManager of Network Communication & Marketing Materials, HealthPartners
SmartQ workflow interface for health partners

HealthPartners sought a better way

Bolger developed a custom, data driven, workflow solution that included Print on Demand and electronic distribution. Bolger’s web-based application gives HealthPartners functionality specific to their business.

Today, the staff at HealthPartners customizes client booklets by adding a logo, specific URLs, benefit summaries, or other custom pages and then order the booklets online. Three days later the booklets arrive.  There’s no need to order and warehouse extra materials because they are available so quickly. When information changes, the Print on Demand site is updated so content is always current.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Results have been dramatic, according to Lewis. Along with the financial benefits, the volume HealthPartners distributes increased as well. Bolger SmartQ system enabled HealthPartners to expand their materials from 200 to 1000 pieces of content, each with variable information specific to the plan or individual. HealthPartners are now producing over 2800 unique books for HealthPartners clients, each ranging from 12-24 pages, and distributed both printed on demand or electronically to over 200,000 end users. This increase reflects how well received the new format has been, how easy it is to order and how quickly the booklets can be delivered.

In addition to financial and time savings, the Print on Demand solution provides additional capabilities such as the ability to produce booklets in Spanish once the content has been translated. Sales reps report their clients like having booklets available for their Spanish-speaking employees.

Ease of use is an important benefit for the sales staff. Sales reps can order packets with just a few clicks. No training was necessary. Because the solution is browser-based, sales reps can order from anywhere.

Future Applications

HealthPartners is pleased with the improvements the Print on Demand solution has created but praises the Bolger’s service even more highly. “Their customer service is outstanding,” Kelly, Manager of Network Communication & Marketing Materials, commented. “Response time is phenomenal.” Further, she said Bolger is helping HealthPartners determine additional applications that enable HealthPartners to remain competitive and cost effective. “We’re always looking to take the next step forward. Bolger’s there to help us do it.”

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