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SmartQ workflow interface for health partners

Data-driven communications saved 50% in printing costs

HealthPartner’s process for creating enrollment materials was difficult and costly. By leveraging Bolger’s SmartQ technology, they were able to improve efficiencies and cut costs.

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600% increase in response rates with personalization

YMCA had a large amount of personalized data for their members. However, they struggled with how to implement a direct mail strategy to create a personal touch to their fundraising efforts.

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Direct mail campaign Multi-element, variable and personalized content

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Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Reduced audit time and enhanced member experience

This pharmacy benefits manager was looking for a partner that could help them reduce costs while ensuring quality, accuracy, and timeline goals are met. Our answer was to create a database that could manage over 10,000 templates and more than a dozen language variations from one data source.

National health Insurance Provider

90% drop in materials creation time

Before and after comparison with smart q technology

This national health insurance provider has a rapid growth trajectory, with thousands of plans, multiple states, and a large network of hospitals and doctors. To service their clients, they needed an extensive number of personalized materials and a staff of 12 full-time marketing employees.

Before the data-driven workflow system was implemented, one or more users interfaced with multiple systems. The manual workflow required multiple edits and was much harder to manage.

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KellyManager of Network Communication & Marketing Materials, HealthPartners
Ann Taylor

Creative solutions that saved $100,000 in postage

Ann Taylor needed an exclusive, First Look of Spring catalog for their cardmembers that would deliver high brand engagement on a modest budget. To achieve their objective, we created a unique self-mailer. By strategically designing the piece in concert with the Ann Taylor team, the Bolger team was able to craft a solution that exceeded expectations while delivering cost savings.

Thomson Reuters

Simplified workflow & cost savings

Thomson Reuters needed a partner to help them integrate digital assets to improve user experience, streamline systems management, and reduce costs. As part of their plan, Thomson also wanted to outsource their print-on-demand service. Using SmartQ, we developed a custom platform that consolidated over 2,500 assets from three different internal systems.


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