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National Health Insurance Provider

90% Drop in Materials Creation Time

This national health insurance provider has a rapid growth trajectory, with thousands of plans, multiple states, and a large network of hospitals and doctors. To service their clients, they needed an extensive number of personalized materials and a staff of 12 full-time marketing employees.

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National Health Insurance Provider

They have a rapid growth trajectory, supporting thousands of plans, multiple states, and a large network of hospitals and doctors. 

There are a large variety of personalized materials needed to satisfy all areas of their business. At the start, they had a dedicated team of 12 marketers focused on developing and deploying annual plan documents. This was a complex process that required multiple versions and personalization for each member. As a result, the marketing team was very delivery focused. More attention was spent on executing materials rather than implementing marketing strategies to grow the business. 


Highly customized & omni-channel delivery 

This customer delivers over 50,000 personalized assets each month, which total over 6 million variable pages. Some assets are required by regulatory compliance, such as Explanation of Benefits, ID cards, Welcome Kits, etc. while others are focused on acquiring new business or educating current membership. Each of these assets need to be delivered over a variety of channels, both print and digital in format. 

Complex Workflows

Each delivery method requires a different system to handle the different types of content, and each system needs to be interfaced with separately, which means multiple updates, more chances for error, and a less streamlined workflow. 

Pain Points

Each year, the entire cycle starts again with new versions and updates. There is no central change control system to make those changes, and in turn, ensure the correct materials are being sent out. All of these changes lead to a slow on-boarding process for new clients. It has also led to a few missed compliance deadlines, which has left this customer exposed to fines and other performance guarantees with their clients. The current workflow is expensive to operate. It takes a lot of people to facilitate, and it is not scalable to meet the company’s growth initiatives.

complex communication workflow
smart q technology process

In-depth Discovery

At the start of the process, our technology team at Bolger conducts a customized discovery session. In that session, we spend time getting to understand the client’s processes. We identify the list of pain points and explore technology solutions in a consultative approach. We demo similar technologies and make suggestions on potential process improvements. Once we agree on what would work best, we create a plan for the technology solution, and help the customer develop an ROI to track improvements. 

The Heart of the Solution


process of delivery with smart q technology

A Centralized Asset Database 

For this insurance client, critical client data was spread across many platforms, templates, and formats. By integrating the data into a single platform, all assets could be stored in a single location and be linked out. This storage solution eliminates managing versions and updates to logos, templates, and the like—guaranteeing that every document and deliverable has the most up-to-date content. 

The tool also has a great change control system built in which allows users to track edits for QA and compliance purposes. 

Creating this universal tool became a great way to streamline client onboarding. During their discovery process, they only need to gather client assets and enter them into this system, which will then integrate to all other required areas. 

API Integrations 

API integrations are a key part of the success of this program. In order to push data in an automated fashion between different programs and systems, we leverage APIs. This allows for seamless integration of assets across systems and omni-channel methods. 

Rules Engine 

The detailed rules engine triggers events based on data points and can generate content on demand. Knowing your customer’s data and being able to trigger actions based upon it is a key piece of any technology solution. 

Smart Templates 

Designing smart templates to maximize the use of your data is an important step in the technology tool. During this process, we redesign the templates to increase the number of variable areas and rule-based triggers. The increased flexibility in templates reduced the need for multiple versions, which is key to scaling and onboarding faster. 

The Results

Before the data-driven workflow system was implemented, one or more users interfaced with multiple systems. The manual workflow required multiple edits and was much harder to manage. After implementing the workflow, one user interfaces with one system. That system automatically pushes updates out to all related systems and channels.

Before & After Comparison 

Data-driven communication goes well beyond variable data printing and marketing. It’s all about driving marketing ROI through improved response times, conversions, and significant efficiency gains. It’s about connecting with your audience in a timely, highly-personalized, and relevant manner. And finally, It’s about getting your buyer relevant information when they want, how they want it, and where they want it. 

Before and after comparison with smart q technology

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