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Print Solutions Toolkit

Explore our comprehensive print toolkit for expert solutions and resources tailored to your business's printing needs.

Marketing Tools

Discover our comprehensive print toolkit, offering tailored solutions and resources to meet your business’s printing needs.

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Data-Driven Workflows

PDF Download

Connect with your audience in a highly-relevant, timely, and personal way through automation.

Customer Journey Planner

Spreadsheet Download

Everything you need to create a comprehensive customer journey map.

Nonprofit Guide to Donor Engagement

Printed Piece

Explore best practices to boost retention and overall giving.

Handwriting Fonts eBook


10 of our favorite free fonts to use in your marketing content.

8 Key Marketing Takeaways eBook


8 of our favorite marketing trends from Hubspot’s 2022 report.

9 Content Expert and Writer-Approved Must Have Tools


Must have content and writer approved tools.

25 Ways To Use Generative AI


And the must knows!

Terminology Guide

Mailed Publication

Get our two-in-one terminology guide on Marketing and Print logo.



Bolger experts looked at 5 of the best high-quality printing processes going into 2023 to help you decide on which to use in your latest project.

Facebook Marketing Infographic

Downloadable piece

30 Facebook Facts for Marketers

Busting The Environment Myths

Downloadable piece

Myths and Facts

Printing & Mail

Find valuable tips to optimize your print marketing budget and maximize its impact.

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Direct Mail Templates

printed piece

A comprehensive packet of useful direct mail templates.

The Ultimate Direct Mail Planning Checklist

Interactive Digital Version

A checklist to ensure your direct mail campaign is organized for peak performance.

Print 101


This eBook is intended to prime you on how to work with your printers directly and give you necessary tools to get started on your first campaign.

Variable Data Print Production File

Interactive Digital Version

A interactive template to help prep your files for success.

Mailing Cheat Sheet

Downloadable Piece

A cheat sheet on mailing requirements needed for your next project.

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