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Because it’s the right thing to do.

Facts Speak Loudest

Sustainability is often something committed to in thought and word, but seldom carried out and measured — our goal at Bolger is to change that. By caring for our immediate surroundings, we aspire to affect the wider world.

Using our company platform to encourage sustainability in our industry.


Bolger began sustainable practices

Production materials recycled/reused


Carbon offset in 2023


Tons Recycling Equivalent to Tons of C2


SGP-Certified Facility

When choosing a printer, choices matter.

When choosing a printer, choices matter. Our SGP certification proves we adhere to the highest environmental, health, safety, and energy standards. Choose us for printing that aligns with your values. We’ve dedicated a team of employees to coordinate ongoing sustainability efforts and processes.


Tons of recycled waste in 2023


Landfill production facility


Pounds waste saved via organics program
SGP Certification Criteria
  • A sustainability policy that includes environment, health and safety compliance, pollution prevention, continuous improvement, and stakeholder communication
  • Sustainability management system (SMS)
  • Sustainability committee
  • Environmental and health/safety audit every 2 years
  • Energy audit every 2 years
  • Air emissions reduction assessment
  • Indoor quality assessment
  • Continuous improvement projects in these areas
  • Mandatory best practices specifically for the printing industry
  • Meeting corporate social responsibility elements
  • Tracking sustainability metrics

It’s one thing to talk like an environmental steward, it’s another thing to be one.

Caring for the environment isn’t only about FSC and recycled paper. In fact, it’s less about those items and more about committing to the environment and constantly measuring that commitment. As a customer of print and digital communications, you have every right to look behind the curtain of words on a website and ask to see what is measured and what the results of those measurements are.