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Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Customized Data Solutions for Managing Workflows

This independent pharmacy benefits manager was looking for a partner that could help them reduce costs while ensuring quality, accuracy, and timeline goals are met.

  • Collaborative Innovation
  • SmartQ Data Workflow
  • Fulfillment
  • Printing

Single Data-Source Solution


An independent pharmacy benefits manager is owned by 13 not-for-profit Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the country, their subsidiaries or affiliates, providing healthcare needs to their more than 25 million members.


The company was looking for a partner with technology tools, print and fulfillment that could reduce total costs (print, postage, obsolescence, ad hoc mailings and other business communications) while ensuring quality, accuracy, and timeline goals are met.

All-In-One Solution

Our solution included building a client-specific information database to enable the company to manage all client communication templates from a single data source. That single source is a complete content management that is linked to over 10,000 smart templates. Additionally, we helped them automate the onboarding of all new clients, each of whom, in turn, manages dozens of subsidiary plans. In total, the new database automates over 1 million template variations in 12 languages.

We collaborated to create customized programs and tools that automate many processes for internal and external customers:

  • Clinical Review Mailing Program
  • MTM Customized Program
  • Online Mail Management Tool
  • Clinical Mail Management Tool
  • Core Website Development
  • Campaign Manager
  • Fulfillment Website
  • Marketing Communications Materials Toolkit

The new data-driven workflow is secure, automated, and rules-based. They saw a reduction in time spent on audits and an enhanced member experience.

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