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Thomson Reuters

Simplified Workflows & Print-on-Demand

Thomson Reuters is a global media company delivering intelligence, technology, and human expertise to help professionals make better decisions and run better companies. Their customers operate in complex arenas covering law, tax, compliance, government, and media.

  • SmartQ Workflow
  • Print on Demand
  • Fulfillment

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters wanted a partner to integrated digital assets from various internal databases into a single platform to improved end-user experience and workflow, streamlined systems management, and reduced cost. As part of their plan, Thomson also wanted to outsource their print on demand service.

The Solution

Highly customized & integrated data

Bolger developed a customized integrated technology platform that consolidates over 2,500 assets from three different internal systems. The SmartQ-based platform operates behind the scenes of the Thomson’s two primary database systems, Adobe AEM and Seismic, and is accessed by users via Thomson Reuters URL. The systems enables various AEM and Seismic assets to be customized and personalized for digital or print-on-demand use, and also includes a comprehensive mail manager that enables users to create and manage direct mail programs.

Details of the Platform

Over 2500 assets consolidated from 3 different internal systems
  • Multiple types: fulfillment, static POD, customizable POD
  • Over 1500 assets are customizable POD that are automatically personalized with users information
  • Customizable metadata fields & search options available for each asset
  • Upload of mailing list available to distribute assets to end user
  • Advanced templates available for certain assets that allow for changing of images, colors, text, etc.
Multiple integrations for seamless order entry process for users
  • SSO integration – Allows users to access the site without entering user/password.
  • Vanity URL – Website is hosted behind Thomson’s site with their branding to appear as internal tool.
  • Adobe AEM Integration- Adobe AEM is used at TR’s global asset management tool. This feeds websites, printed collateral, and any other needs within TR. When assets are created in Adobe’s AEM platform that are required for assets in the SmartQ tool, they are sent to Bolger via existing integration. This ensures Bolger’s system is always up to date with current items, images, and other user content.
  • Seismic Sales Enablement Integration – When users are in the Seismic Sales Enablement platform, they are add fulfillment and print on demand items to their cart. Their session is seamlessly routed to Bolger’s SmartQ system to allow the user to complete document personalization and checkout process.


  • Enhanced end-user workflow
  • Fewer individual systems to manage
  • Automated ways of transferring data between platforms reduces duplicate management/data entry
  • Replaced in-plant POD operation delivering considerable savings.
  • Fulfillment & POD items are now shipped together, saving on freight costs
  • Increased the use of personalized content to help close more business. The automation of document personalization now enables users to create personalized materials without extra steps or additional costs and time.

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