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Most printing companies can deliver on promises of high quality and on-time delivery. They take pride in their work, have devoted years of effort into learning the craft, and have staffed their companies with printing experts dedicated to making sure print projects meet all their client’s requirements.

Most organizations though, particularly those with distributed user communities of employees, partners, or customers, are seeking more from their print services vendors than simply supplying print and digital products. They want their vendors to simplify the processes of ordering, fulfillment, and delivery. Busy marketing managers need to be unburdened from manual interventions often required to service a large and varied constituency. That’s why Bolger Printing designed the SmartQ® platform. Just like those print production skills, Bolger has refined and expanded SmartQ® for the last twenty years. The result is a comprehensive system that streamlines, simplifies, and accelerates marketing workflows.

SmartQ® integrates manufacturing departments for print management, fulfillment, print on demand, kitting, large format, and DVD duplication. It is a flexible tool we customize to meet the needs of each of our clients. Features like order entry and warehousing allow clients to visualize their inventory in a whole new way and strike the perfect balance between pre-printed and virtual documents.

For an introduction to SmartQ®, watch this VIDEO.

Marketing Managers: Get your time back

The SmartQ® platform manages and interacts with asset inventories to help lower storage costs and minimize obsolete inventory. Clients can direct variable marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and specialized mailings. Field sales people can create customized materials on the fly using pre-approved, brand-standard templates from stored images. The Campaign Manager feature of SmartQ® brings it all together, using customized interfaces and visual tools to make it easy to change settings and manage campaigns.

A set of standard and customized reports helps clients track activity and make decisions about future marketing and document fulfillment strategies.

Over 300 clients are using SmartQ® today. Bolger has customized each instance to meet individual client needs and computing environments. SmartQ® is more powerful than an off-the-shelf solution. We tailor our services to meet client objectives while they interact with a user-friendly and responsive marketing and communication workflow platform.

SmartQ® works within your system

Each SmartQ® platform requires only web access to operate. Clients can seamlessly integrate the platform into various other software systems, websites, and database tools via API’s. SmartQ® offers clients many benefits including:

  • Single sign-on ability
  • Standardized and customizable templates
  • Digital asset management
  • Physical asset management, including real time inventory controls and reporting
  • Robust standard reporting plus ability to create customized reports and analytical tools
  • Convenient user ordering and checkout system
  • Customized user-based profiles and role-based access, including budget management capability
  • Integration with other software or database platforms via web services or API
  • Event management capability
  • Virtual kitting
  • Mail management for either direct mail or email campaigns
  • Easy to use and intuitive product cataloging and search capabilities
  • Secure hosting with a defined disaster recovery plan

Bolger Printing strives to ensure client success through inspired communication. We connect the beauty of print with the impact of digital for more effective messaging and we provide the tools that help time-strapped clients access the marketing services they need. SmartQ® is a key reason clients continue trusting Bolger with their marketing and document fulfillment operations.

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