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Viveka von Rosen, cofounder and Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso, released an updated version of her book LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand in February. Following are seven pearls of wisdom to help you maximize your personal (and your company’s) LinkedIn potential. Find Viveka’s book on Amazon and check out her content on LinkedIn Learning.

1 Create a background image

Having a background image on your LinkedIn profile is the fastest, easiest way to create a strong brand, not just for your sellers but for everyone in your company. It’s an awesome opportunity to create an image that reflects the brand’s products, services, culture, and website. Give your employees various images to choose from and use on their profiles.  

2 Make use of your headline

In the headline section underneath your name (where most people have their job title), tell people how you can help them. You get 220 characters here, so you can also share your title and your company name. Ours is “Helping sales professionals create more qualified and quality conversations.” 

3 Add at least 3 websites or pages to your contact info

These could be your website, a testimonials page, your products and services page, your YouTube channel, or your blog. In my case, I’ve got my books and my schedule. 

4  Expand on whom you help and how you help them 

There is space for 2,000 characters in the About section, so give your employees copy to use on their LinkedIn pages. Even if every employee has the same copy, they can customize it a bit to their own expertise.

5 Put your media in the Featured section

Do this with all your employees, not just the sellers. That will go a long way toward bringing your brand forward. 

6 Position sellers as thought leaders

It’s up to your marketing team to supply your sellers with content. If you don’t have an employee-advocacy tool, just create a post, put it on your blog, put it on your LinkedIn Company Page, and grab that link. Then ask your teams to share the article at the appropriate time. Give them a short description about what’s in it, because you want to use that 1,200-character count to describe the asset you are sharing. 

7 Make it easy to share

These are salespeople, not marketers, so make it as easy as possible to share branded content. The easiest way to do that is through an employee-advocacy tool such as EveryoneSocial, Seismic LiveSocial, or GaggleAMP. If cost is an issue, simply send an email to each employee or post a message and link to your intranet asking them to share the provided blog, marketing content, announcement, etc. on their LinkedIn page.

This article originally appeared in BEYOND PRINT as syndicated content and is subject to copyright protections. All rights reserved. Image(s) used under license from Shutterstock.

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